Art Posters

Posters for Mucca Pazza

Series of unique posters with one silkscreen-printed color and exuberant hand-painted strokes meant to evoke the embroidered curliques on sleeves of marching bands’ jackets. For Mucca Pazza at Mayne Stage, 2011.

Posters for No Exit

Series of unique posters, an exercise in manually producing mass volume with distinction. Play by Jean-Paul Sartre, directed by Betty-Joyce Symphony. For Affinity Theatre and National Pastime Theater, 2001.

Posters for Suicide in Bb: A Mysterious Overture

Series of unique collage posters produced in assembly-line fashion with theater cast and crew. Play by Sam Shepard, directed by Craig Himes. For Ranch Theater Co. and National Pastime Theater, 1999.

"Step High, Stoop Low" Posters

Series of unique posters auctioned in support of discussion series inspired by the storied Dil Pickle Club of 1900s Chicago. For Dil Pickle Club Revival, at The Nightingale, 2010.