Industry Events Series

Series Co-lead / Individual Events Lead, 2012–2014
Columbia College Chicago

As part of a 3-person leadership team in the college’s Portfolio Center, we created a central programming structure for 12+ annual student portfolio reviews, talent showcases and industry networking events. Provided comprehensive student prep services and support for curricular integration, along with central branding, marketing, registration, and tracking. Personally wrote series framework and managed master schedule, strategic internal and external communications plan, in-house graphic design, collaboration with assigned academic departments, student prep sessions, employer relations and program evaluations.

Prior to 2012, department had supported a variety of end-of-semester industry engagement functions throughout the college with varying levels of success. By bringing several disparate support efforts into a centralized structure, we were able to serve a broader spectrum of talent and employer interests as well as streamline our departmental efforts, raise levels of participation, quality and visibility throughout the college, cross-promote talent from multiple academic departments to the professional community at once, and position the college as a national nexus for recruiting cross-disciplinary creative talent. Over three years, attendance grew to nearly 1,000 guests in 1:1 ratio with student participants.

Series Co-leads: Colin DeKuiperJulie Ford-AlevizosRob Funderburk, Melissa Hennessy
Series sponsors: Goose Island, Digitas, Lagunitas Brewing Company, VineJoy