Illustration Showcase

Event Lead / Co-Curator, 2014
Columbia College Chicago

Exhibition and reception designed to introduce undergraduate Illustration students to a larger creative community, help them develop professional and interpersonal communication skills, and highlight exceptional examples of established alumni illustrators.

Alphabedrock: Partnered with Assistant Professor Chris Eliopoulos to conduct a project in his Professional Illustration Portfolio Development course in which each student was assigned an alphabetical character and directed to use it as the basis for an editorial illustration about any belief system of choice, resulting in an 18” square piece of artwork suitable for exhibition. These prompts and constraints were meant to reflect “real world” projects specs and develop interpretive skills, as well as mitigate complexity in curating their results for exhibition.

Linework #5 Release: Linework is an internationally-recognized student-run comics anthology featuring the work of students, alumni, faculty and staff of Columbia College Chicago. Partnering with founder Ivan Brunetti, we positioned the release of Linework’s fifth issue in conjunction with Alphabedrock to increase increase exposure for emerging undergraduate illustrators, demonstrate a bridge for them from college into professional community, and highlight the examples of five distinguished alumni illustrators with a special exhibition of sketchbooks and ephemera along with artwork for an intimate peek inside their process. This exhibit was later expanded upon by Columbia’s DEPS as the exhibition Tight Pencils.

Event promotion included “sneak previews” of students’ work in progress on social media and cross-promotion with other events in a larger series of industry engagement events. ShopColumbia, the college’s commercial showcase and sales venue for student work, facilitated on-site sales of artwork and merchandise produced by students.

Partners: Ivan Brunetti, Chris Eliopoulos, Linework Anthology, Thomas Nowak, ShopColumbia
Sponsors: Lagunitas Brewing Company, VineJoy